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Our goal is to allow technology startup founders to focus on the product and customer development, strategy and team building, fundraising and revenue

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Enterprise Software Development

Create complex enterprise software, ensure reliable software integration, modernise your legacy system.

Mobile App Development

Create an impactful mobile app that fits your brand and industry within a shorter time frame.

Dedicated Development Team

Hire a loyal software development team with niche skills and deep expertise.

We solve the full range of IT services with different
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Level of Trust and Increasing Customer Involvement
Direct daily or weekly hiring of specialists
Advice from our experts
Independent audit and optimization
Software and Infrastructure Development
Full outsourced IT team, with a resource management system
Direct daily or weekly hiring of specialists
Advice from our experts
Independent audit and optimization
Software and Infrastructure Development
Full outsourced IT team, with a resource management system

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Technical Expertise


For frontend we use Exesoft-javascript developmentJavascript , and its frameworks Exesoft-javascript developmentReact. We also use Exesoft-javascript developmentES6 and make bundles with Exesoft-javascript developmentWebpack and Exesoft-javascript developmentBabel


For backend we code on Exesoft-development company uses PHP with Exesoft-development company uses PHPSymfony and Exesoft-development company uses PHPPhalcon also Exesoft-development company uses PHPLaravel frameworks for backend in most of the projects. We use Exesoft-development company uses JavaJava with Exesoft-development company uses PHP and Exesoft-development company uses PHPSpring if the project is highload

Mobile development

We develop mobile applications on Android. For the development of Android we use Exesoft-development company uses PHPJava and Exesoft-development company uses PHPKotlin

Project management

Planning and tasks monitoring is done with Exesoft-javascript developmentAsana main communication goes through Exesoft-javascript developmentSlack and calls via Exesoft-javascript developmentSkype , Exesoft-javascript developmentHangouts


agroov.com website Exesoft.org


Having understood the goal of creating a portal, we proposed to do this in the form of a map, and not as a regular forum. This innovation has made the site stand out among its competitors.

Stompharm.kg application Exesoft.org

App for Pharmaceutical company

The mobile application was connected to the company's accounting. The application allows you to collect a database of customer purchases and monitor the sellers. Camera web scanner, firebase application, RealmDb SQLlite With the help of this application, sales to existing customers have increased, and also provided an opportunity to control couriers.

Falcon.kg website Exesoft.org


The site was written from scratch.The client had an old site with an old design and not responsive for mobile phones. Our task was to make a convenient, responsive and beautiful site. As a result, visits to the site increased by 2.5 times.

exnet.kg website Exesoft.org


Exnet is one of the best Internet providers with stable and fast Internet. To this day, I support the project.

Lmira Hotel reservation Exesoft.org

Lmira Hotel

The goal of our client was to make a website where guests from different countries of the world could reserve rooms. We created a beautifully designed website and developed a hotel reservation system.

Save Me application Exesoft.org

Save Me

Mobile application to call for help. Purpose: To ensure the safety of people's lives in the city by calling friends and relatives or RRT in place of the offense, to save the life and health of people.

Tef mobile application Exesoft.org

Simsim Group

Our application gives thousands of people the opportunity to find the best job abroad. We have developed a convenient application not only for applicants, but also for employers

Toshok website Exesoft.org

Kyrgyz Oymo

A full-fledged online gift shop with a convenient admin panel.

Musubi website Exesoft.org


Site for martial arts club. Unique design with the ability to enroll in the necessary sections of martial arts.

We develop, gain experience
and share it by speaking at conferences.

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